Truth And Transformation is designed to equip you to live out Christ’s truth and redemptive love in transforming ways. Here you will gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the biblical worldview and the role of worldview in general.

Lesson 1 - The Power of Story

Every culture has a “story” -- a worldview.

Everyone has a worldview

Worldviews are powerful because they determine how we see the world, they shape our values and behaviors and they determine the kind of societies we will build. As Christians, we are called to engage—to create culture that aligns with reality as God created it—to witness to the truth.

What you'll learn

What exactly is a worldview, and what does it do? How does it shape the culture of a nation, city or family—how does it shape the life of an individual? You will learn answers to these questions and will see how the gospel is not simply a message of salvation but, rather, a comprehensive worldview, a worldview of the Kingdom, that transforms culture.

Lesson 2 - The Breadth of the Story

The Breadth of Story

It is God’s story, and it has the ability to transform individual lives, lift communities out of poverty and build nations that are free, compassionate and just. We must learn to tell the whole breadth and depth of God's transforming story. This lesson explores the breadth of that story.

What you'll learn

In this lesson you will be exposed to the basics of a biblical worldview.

Lesson 3 - The Depth of the Story

Worldviews answer the big questions of life

What is ultimately real? Who am I? Does my life have purpose? Where is history going? God's story provides true answers to these big "worldview" questions. Life-giving, empowering answers that lead to flourishing nations.

What you will learn.

You will begin to explore in depth the answers the Bible gives to these worldview questions and how they contrast with countering worldviews.

Lesson 4 - What Does it Mean to Disciple Nations?

Restoring all things

God is on a mission to redeem and restore everything broken through the fall, and we are invited to join Him in advancing the truth, beauty, and goodness of His Kingdom to our nations.

This mission goes far beyond evangelism and church-planting. It encompasses the restoration of all “all things” (Colossians 1:20). God graciously invites us to participate with Him in this grand mission. First, we must be transformed, and then we can be part of God’s transforming work in every sphere of society.

What you'll learn

We will begin to unpack what it means to disciple nations, and live a life transformed by Christ.

Lesson 5 - The Loss of a Biblical Worldview

The loss of a biblical worldview has consequences

In some cases, even the Church has abandoned a biblical worldview, and the consequences have tragically influenced our understanding of the nature of the Church and the Great Commission. This lesson exposes a tragic reality in our Church today, the rise of Evangelical Gnosticism. This is a growing issue with catastrophic implications. The answer is to restore the biblical worldview.

What you'll learn

Uncover the loss of a biblical worldview and the rise of Evangelical Gnosticism. Discover how you can bring light to this ever-present issue and why it falls short of God's plan.

Lesson 6 - ABCs of Culture

All cultures are built upon certain foundational ideas or beliefs.

In this lesson, these ideas are called “The ABCs of Culture.” Satan deceives and enslaves entire cultures by replacing foundational truths with counterfeit lies. The more truth a culture embraces, the more it flourishes. The more lies it builds upon, the weaker it becomes.

What you will learn

You will look at the basic "false" principles of this world and how Satan operates to undermine what is true and real.

Lesson 7 - Discipleship at the Level of Culture

Unpacking the lies in your culture

In this lesson, you’ll identify a lie that Satan is using to destroy or enslave your particular culture and then analyze the impact of this lie. Next, you look at the truth that stands in opposition to the lie and ways you can promote this truth in your culture, family and personal life.

What you'll learn

You will go through a process of identifying powerful lies at the level of culture, and replacing them with the truth needed to grow healthy cultures.

Lesson 8 - God's Unshakable Kingdom

The unshakable kingdom is the kingdom of God

The kingdom is the realm where Christ the king reigns. It is where God's will is done. The Kingdom is God’s total answer to man’s total need, and that is good news.

What you'll learn

The nature of the kingdom of God provides a framework for personal transformation that will then move outward into family, communities and nation — bringing transformation.

9 - Complete the Course

CONGRATULATIONS! You have reached the final part of the 101: Truth and Transformation course.

We ask you to reflect on how you have benefitted from the course and then invite you to take the Final Exam and earn a Certificate of Completion.